Corrosion is a common problem in the industrial sector. It is a chemical process that corrodes the metal surface of industrial plants, making them unstable and weak. This can lead to dangerous situations and reduced productivity for your company. To protect your industrial constructions against the different forms of corrosion, an anti-corrosive metal layer can be applied to the steel surface.

This process is called metallisation and is done manually. With a spray gun, a zinc-aluminium alloy typically ZnAL 85/15 or aluminium alloy (thermal sprayed aluminium TSA, typically Al 99.9%) is sprayed on the installation. This is followed by a wet painting system, making your metal construction suitable again for numerous outdoor applications.

Metallisation layers can be applied electrically or with gas in your or our workshop but also on your site.

At Iris we have several metallisation machines that can offer some important advantages for your industrial installations, namely:

  • It provides a cathodic protection against rust and other forms of corrosion, including under insulation
  • It provides a perfect surface for industrial coating
  • Through metallisation you extend the life of your metal constructions
  • Also recommended for off-shore companies because it protects windmills, drilling platforms, etc. against the harsh sea climate
  • Can be done in our workshop or on your site

Thermally sprayed coatings are mainly used for high corrosion protection. Very often this is the application of an object in the vicinity of or in (sea) water itself. The duration of protection of the layers can be equal to the lifetime of the object: 40 to 60 years or more. The direct application costs are 1.5 to 2 times higher than for paint applied directly to steel depending on the type of coating applied, the associated layer thickness and the nature of the construction . Therefore, thermally sprayed coatings can be considered if the integral costs over the total life span of the structure are lower than for conventional paint coatings.

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