Facility Solutions

Employees who feel safe, healthy and comfortable are much more productive. So you’re doing the right thing by investing in a pleasant and clean work environment. No idea how to get started? Then facility management can be the ideal solution. Whether it concerns an office, a school building, a commercial space or an industrial production company, Iris provides facility services for a wide range of sectors. With our facility management services, we optimise the efficiency of your working environment through sustainable and tailor-made solutions based on your company’s needs.


We offer cleaning solutions tailored to your needs, regardless of the size of your company or the sector in which you operate. We ensure a clean working environment by cleaning your office on a regular basis. We always use ecologically sound cleaning products. In this way, we also do our bit for a better environment. We specialize in providing cleaning services in specific environments, including the industrial sector, retail and healthcare where hygiene and safety are crucial.

Landscaping maintenance

The maintenance of your green spaces is also part of our facility management services. As the maintenance of a green space or business garden is very seasonal, it is crucial that the maintenance is scheduled on time and on a regular basis. It also reinforces your company image. You can count on our Landscaping services for pruning hedges, mowing your lawn, keeping your driveway or car park weed-free and fertilising your green spaces. We always use ecological techniques and products for this.

Office Management

Iris offers first-class office management services. This way you can concentrate on your core business. You can hire us for reception services, preparing and cleaning up meeting rooms, hostmanship, mailroom management, providing beverage dispensers, security and many other services.
Our office management employees are experts in listening to your specific wishes and needs and will offer  you a range of services fully tailored to your company. You benefit from our expertise thanks to the innovative and customized solutions we offer. Every task is performed flawlessly by our own teams or in combination with partners we rely on for specific services.


Our qualified handymen can be deployed to carry out maintenance work and small repairs in your company building. They make life easy for you by managing the maintenance of your equipment and spaces. Every handyman is certified, has the necessary skills and a solid dose of flexibility to offer you a tailor-made all-in-one solution. Our handymen are avaiable anywhere in Belgium.

Boost your profit thanks to


A preventive maintenance plan, provided by our experts.

Follow-up of the KPIs

Conssitent follow-up of the established KPIs and tailor-made reporting.

Quick follow-up

Our approach, that guarantees a quick follow-up of every request


Budgeting according to the benchmark.

Real-time transparency

Real-time transparency thanks to mobile digital quality controls and measurements, linked to our customer portal


An innovative facility management partner that puts people and their working environment at the center with the partners.


Iris introduces the first cleaning cobot in Belgium. We are taking our service to a higher level by having man and machine work well together.


Make the reporting of facility failures more visible and accessible and choose for the One Push Solution.


Iris is shifting up a gear in its digital transformation. WeWork, which tracks performance of Iris employees, was recently awarded with the Corporate IT Awards 2020 in the category ‘Operational effectiveness’.

Bringing betterness to people’s premises