Iris has a team of cleaning experts who are responsible for the daily cleaning of company buildings, offices and sanitary areas. They are also active in healthcare and industrial sector. Our cleaning teams are trained, certified and equipped to clean any work environment thoroughly and safely.

In addition, they are specialised in multiple disciplines so that Iris can offer you all facets of cleaning: from the daily cleaning of your office to full glass washing, floor maintenance and industrial cleaning. Moreover, to carry out these tasks, we always use qualified cleaning experts and the latest cleaning techniques. Let us take care of your cleaning and work carefree in a healthy and hygienic environment.

Cleaning offices

In recent years, there have been several changes in the way office work is done. Employees work more often from home or on location, which also changes the use of office spaces. The classic office is increasingly becoming a meeting place where your employees receive customers, confer in a meeting room or come together in the refectory for lunch. With a view to the well-being of both employees and customers and to maintaining a positive image, it is therefore important to provide a clean working environment. Office cleaning is therefore one of our most requested cleaning services.

Industrial cleaning

In addition to office cleaning, Iris cleaning services is also active in various industrial sectors, ranging from aviation, petrochemical and the automotive industry to heavy and advanced technological industrial companies. We therefore have the necessary expertise, experience and resources to professionally handle the cleaning of an industrial space. Moreover, our many years of experience in the different sectors allows us to work out a solution tailored to your production environment.

Cleaning in healthcare

In the healthcare sector, which is all about offering the best care to patients, visitors and employees, good hygiene is central. At Iris, we don’t only consider hygiene and health to be important, but also the well-being of the people, both within our own organisation and with our customers. Moreover, various specific hygiene measures apply in healthcare, as a result of which cleaning always has to be tailor-made. And that is precisely what our speciality is.

Sanitation services

Sanitary areas are the place for bacteria to move, multiply and reside. It is therefore essential for every company to invest in professional cleaning of all sanitary areas. After all, research has shown that if there are no paper towels, wipes or soap in sanitary areas, employees and customers have a negative experience.

Iris offers a complete sanitation service package that not only focuses on cleaning but also on managing your sanitation facilities. You don’t have to worry about a shortage of sanitary products or technical malfunctions.

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