Over the years Iris TBS has specialised in HVAC maintenance, an abbreviation for heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment. A good preventive maintenance programme for your HVAC installations will, on the one hand, guarantee an extension of the lifespan of your technical installations and, on the other hand, optimise the comfort of the users. Preventive maintenance of your installations will also save you energy bills and general costs. You avoid unnecessary costs for the repair of defective parts or the purchase of new equipment.

What are the benefits of HVAC maintenance?

  • Healthy air and climate: HVAC systems that work properly and are preventively maintained ensure that your employees feel good and are productive in the workplace.
  • Reduced expenses: preventive maintenance of your HVAC equipment saves on your energy bills and your general expenses. You do not have to incur unnecessary costs for repairing defective parts or purchasing new equipment.
  • More efficient lifespan and operation: better and more efficient maintenance of your HVAC systems will ensure that they last longer and that the comfort of their users is optimised.
  • Highly qualified staff: guarantee the quality of the maintenance interventions
  • 24/7 breakdown service: for urgent interventions, you can always call on our 24/7 service.
  • Transparent and high-quality reporting: follow up your activities in real time via a customer portal.

Technical Building Services

Highly qualified and continuously trained experts guarantee the quality of our maintenance interventions. Our certified experts ensure that our activities are carried out in full compliance with strict laws, standards and guidelines.

Technical Building Services offers its customers fast response times for every corrective intervention. Moreover, our 24-hour breakdown service guarantees a quick response, both during and outside working hours. In the event of a breakdown, our specialist technicians will endeavour to get the system operational again quickly, even if only temporarily. A component or the entire system may need to be replaced after a temporary repair or breakdown. The staff of the Technical Services for Buildings will then order the replacement material and install it.

The smooth transmission and quality of our reports ensure an efficient follow-up of each operation, whether it is a preventive or a corrective maintenance. Thanks to the IT tool developed by Technical Building Services, our clients can follow the progress of our work in real time.

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