Innovation, supported by an internal organization

Iris has a specific department called “PRINS” (Projects, Innovation & Strategy) specialized in innovation and/or project management.

Innovation, concrete results


WeWork is a digital time registration and scheduling tool deployed to our on-site staff. This digital platform, developed in low-code (fast development for web & mobile), has been awarded by the Corporate IT Awards 2020.


WeInspect is a safe and smart “inspection reporting tool”. With WeInspect, customers can map the condition of their assets to plan maintenance in a structured and cost-effective manner.


WeRoute is a scheduling and routing tool for our mobile teams and real-time service tracking. Among the many benefits are the transparency of the tasks performed and the optimization of travel.


WeTrace is a digital mobile solution allowing for communicating a geo-located quality status of an object.


WeCare is a ticket and complaint management solution. Push Button are simple and fast solutions to transmit incidents. By pressing a push button, the user can report an incident on an object (for example: the coffee machine, problem in the bathroom). The alert is sent directly to the operator for a quick resolution.


WeControl is a mobile solution for recording quality data on sites.

Bringing betterness to people’s premises