Fire protection

Fire protection

Public and private buildings must meet the highest fire protection requirements to ensure the safety of people and property. This can be achieved by applying fire-resistant or, better still, intumescent coating systems. In case of fire, the intumescent paint, which is applied to the structures, swells and forms an insulating layer. In this way, the stability of the structures is guaranteed for the desired period.

Iris offers solutions for both cellulose and hydrocarbon fires and can apply them both in our paint shop and on site. We always follow the guidelines of the WTCB TV238 (application of intumescent paint systems to steel structures) and the “European industry best practice guide on the application of intumescent coatings to constructional steel”.

For each project, we calculate the required coating thickness for the desired protection period based on the required fire resistance R, the critical temperature of the steel, the number of faces to be protected, etc. In addition, each project is delivered with an “as built” file including control measurements of the applied layer thicknesses and a certificate from the paint supplier.

With us, you have a single point of contact and the guarantee of professionally trained coating experts. We understand your concerns about your construction and want to work with you to complete the work.


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