Air quality is also one of the essential elements contributing to a pleasant working environment. It therefore perfectly matches our ambition: “Bringing betterness to people’s premises”.

Iris TBS is responsible for the installation of HVAC equipment for its customers, from design to project delivery. Our expertise includes:

  • The installation of air conditioning equipment: split system, cooling unit, cooling tower, …
  • The installation of heating equipment: boilers, air heaters, hot air curtains, …
  • The installation of ventilation equipment: pulsation units, extraction units, …

We also carry out all kinds of plumbing work (plumbing, pipes, degreasers, basement pumps, etc.). Together with you, TBS will map out possible energy saving programmes, new technologies to meet the latest standards, and reliable measurements. And in addition, we look at how you can reduce your ecological footprint.

Bringing betterness to people’s premises