We guarantee that your workplaces are spotless, regardless of the environment. Whether it is buildings, green spaces, infrastructures or production sites, we ensure that your facilities are in perfect condition.
Your real estate or industrial assets must be impeccable and perfectly maintained.

Facility solutions

Your trusted partner for taylor made facility solutions

Iris Facility Solution is your reliable partner for facility management

The importance of facility management and a well-managed workplace is often underestimated. However, employees who feel safe and comfortable on the floor are much more productive. With our facility management services, we want to help optimise the efficiency of your working environment through sustainable and tailor-made solutions. For example, we offer professional cleaning services, office management, green care and handyman services for a pleasant, clean and productive workplace. We do this by installing and maintaining your HVAC equipment, but also by maintaining your electrical network, sanitary facilities and plumbing.

Industrial solutions

Your trusted coating solution partner

Iris Industry Solution is your reliable partner to protect your industrial plants from corrosion.

Iris offers a wide range of innovative and environmentally friendly coating services, both in an industrial environment and for infrastructural projects. For example, we use various techniques for the removal of coatings on your metal structures and storage tanks, and provide treatment and application of new coatings.


Your trusted partner for HVAC services

Iris Technical Building Services is your trusted partner to ensure your air comfort.

Iris is always committed to helping you create betterness in the workplace. We maintain your workplaces down to the smallest detail. The well-being of you and your employees is always at the heart of this. By preventively maintaining and repairing your HVAC installations, sanitary facilities and plumbing, we ensure a pleasant and healthy working environment within your office buildings.


Your trusted partner for landscaping solutions

Iris Landscaping is your trusted partner for the design, creation and maintenance of green spaces.

A rising trend within companies is the use of business gardens and green roofs. It not only reduces the absenteeism of your employees, but also stimulates creativity and reduces your ecological footprint. That’s why Iris provides professional landscape designs, from the creation and development of your company garden or green roof to its construction and maintenance.

Bringing betterness to people’s premises