Industrial coating

Iris offers a wide range of innovative and environmentally friendly coating services, including anti-corrosion and fire-resistant paint works, coatings, tank linings and industrial painting. We always combine our expertise with the necessary market knowledge to offer sustainable and profitable solutions and innovative industrial techniques. This puts us at the top in the Benelux in the field of industrial coatings.

Iris Industry Solutions: “Kan ik het ook?”


Iris always aims to reduce your costs for possible downtime and defects by protecting your industrial infrastructure against mechanical, chemical and natural degradation. We do this by:

  1. Combining our experience, know-how and structure to ensure that all work is carried out in the best possible way.
  2. Using advanced products and protective equipment

Iris offers a wide range of innovative techniques and environmentally friendly coating solutions, both in industrial environments and for infrastructure projects.


Working at height is not always obvious, but Iris specialises in Rope Access, a rope technique that enables you to adopt a safe working position in order to carry out work at height or in difficult-to-reach places as well as possible.

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Iris offers solutions for both cellulose and hydrocarbon fires by applying fire retardant coating systems on site or in the paint shop. In case of fire, the fire retardant paint applied to the structures swells and forms an insulating layer. This guarantees the stability of the structures for the desired period.

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Metallisation is the application of a metal layer on steel and industrial parts as an anti-corrosive layer, also called a thermally sprayed coating. Iris has various metallisation machines to make industrial constructions resistant to external influences.

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Iris also provides tank lining, the removal of old and the application of new coatings on storage or transport tanks to prevent corrosion, contamination and wear. There are different types of tank coatings depending on the material of the tank, the area of application and the substances that are stored in it.

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Iris offers various environmentally friendly techniques for removing industrial coatings and preparing them for a new coating. For example, we specialise in vapor blasting and induction as an alternative to grit blasting.

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With our WeInspect tool, we can demonstrate the quality of the coating work in a simple and fast manner. The tool guides the inspector through the inspection and automatically records the measurement results and accompanying photos. As soon as the inspector has completed his inspection, the inspection report is in his mailbox.

Market leader in industrial coating goes international

Iris Industry Solutions is the reference in the field of industrial coatings. We can only expand this reference by also going international. In an interview with the Construction Confederation, Jeroen Nevelsteen, Business Director of Iris Industry Solutions, explains the export activities and how they fit in with the ELITE strategy of the group.

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Safety ladder 3

Iris obtained the certification for safety ladder step 3. With the safety ladder the behaviour of the people are audited and not documents with an ISO or SCC certification. This safety audit looks for an answer to questions such as: do employees talk to each other about safety, are problems always signalled and solved, etc.

Persoon die industriele coating plaatst

Expertise and certified technicians

Our experts are trained and certified according to the latest technical standards in the areas of safety, environmental protection, prevention and quality assurance in order to take care of our customers in a professional way. They are therefore intensively trained and continuously updated. Moreover, at Iris we insist that our employees have the necessary certificates to provide the most professional industrial coating.

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