Better organization

Better organization

Iris’ contribution to good governance

Iris has had a corporate governance structure in place for some time and is committed to continuous improvement. To initiate this evolution, in 2008 a Board of Directors was composed of three family representatives and three independent directors.

Since then, the Board has been continuously strengthened, including:

  • A new Board of Directors since 2015 with three independent directors, including the Chairman, and three Committees:
    • Compensation Committee
    • Audit Committee
    • Committee for strategy
  • The Board charter, made in 2016, was updated in November 2020
  • A clear management structure at the decision-making level

Our certifications

Thanks to a quality and safety management system, sustainability management and the protection of the environment, Iris focuses on two objectives:

  • Using all skills to ensure high quality and continuously improve it.
  • To develop a dynamic and proactive policy of prevention and protection of people, property and the environment, integrated into all our management processes.

Iris is a member of the UN Global Compact and is Ecovadis Platinum certified

Our different entities are certified according to the Corporate Social Responsibility level 3 on the performance value scale since November 2012. As a company in the cleaning sector, Iris obtained the 1st CSR certificate in the cleaning sector and comes 3rd in Belgium for all sectors.

In addition, Iris is ISO 14001 certified and certified to the CO2 performance value scale level 5. We are therefore objectively credible in the environmental field and our action is measurable.


A responsible selection of suppliers

Iris is committed to the highest standards of product quality and business integrity in the relationships with suppliers. It ensures that working conditions in its supply chain are safe, that workers are treated with respect and dignity, and that production processes are environmentally and socially responsible.

Iris has developed a charter to motivate its suppliers to join its efforts to meet these expectations and encourages suppliers to accept the charter and comply with the standards and clauses included.

In selecting qualified suppliers, priority is given to those who are environmentally and socially progressive. In addition, all suppliers recognize that non-compliance with these values may be considered a breach of contract and lead to termination of cooperation.

A key element in the adoption of this charter is the understanding that in all its activities, a company must act in accordance with the laws, rules and regulations of the countries in which it operates.

In addition, the charter calls on suppliers to encourage their own suppliers to also pursue environmental and social responsibility.

The charter includes 4 main points.

Dutch documentation

French documentation











Ethics and responsible business conduct

Every day, wherever we operate, we make a difference by putting our slogan “Bringing Better to people’s premises” into practice. The Code of Conduct clarifies what we mean by the Betterness principle for all stakeholders involved.
The way we do things is as important as what we do and there is always a designated way to achieve a great result.
Our Code of Conduct is based on our core values and reflects our commitment to embodying these values in the way we work.

“The Code of Conduct is a guide to our behavior and is intended to be a frame of reference, not a rulebook, as it is impossible to capture every situation we may face. This code applies to all employees, team leaders, executive managers, board members of Iris, as well as temporary workers and individuals working for or on behalf of Iris.
In addition to adhering to the principles outlined in this policy, we are all responsible for complying with the policies, procedures and laws and regulations developed by Iris.”
Patrick Janssens van der Maelen

Bringing betterness to people’s premises