Handyman includes our handyman service for companies. Qualified handymen carry out all kinds of maintenance and minor repairs. Well-maintained workplaces are safe, boost productivity, make a good impression on visitors and offer a pleasant working experience.

Problems that are not quickly fixed can lead to high costs, frustration and dissatisfaction among customers and staff. An experienced handyman service can provide the ideal solution. Iris offers various handyman services for solving all kinds of structural problems: electricity problems, plumbing, internal removals, joinery and locksmith work, small masonry work, repairs and finishing and outdoor works.

handyman in house

In-house Handyman

Do you need a handyman on a regular basis? Then Iris will assign a professional in-house Handyman to your company who will carry out repairs and small maintenance works on a full-time basis or on fixed days. This will always be done on the basis of a contract in which the working days of the handyman will be set out.

You can call on your regular handyman for, among other things, replacing lamps and fittings, small office moves, placing shelves, repairing and painting damaged walls (both inside and outside), repairing power cuts in small spaces, and so on. In addition, your in-house Handyman is very flexible and adapts himself to the needs of your company.


Is the front of your office building daubed with graffiti? Then you can call on our handymen to remove the graffiti. The technique used depends on the paint used, the substrate and the possible damage that would be caused by the removal. For small surfaces the rates are available, for the treatment of larger surfaces we make a customised offer.

Paint jobs

Does one of your meeting rooms or your office furniture need a fresh coat of paint? Then you can rely on our Handyman services. The professional paintwork of our handyman saves you the cost of an expensive painter or new furniture. In addition, our Handyman service also carries out painting work on the façade of your office building.

Book your handyman online

Via the online portal you can quickly and easily book one of our handymen and follow up your requests for minor maintenance work. After you submit your request, we will make sure that a Handyman will visit you within two weeks. For urgent repairs, you can call on our intervention service, which is active throughout Belgium.

On our online portal, you will find a lot of useful documents, including a list of tasks that are performed by our handyman service, a comprehensive document with the most frequently asked questions and answers and instructional videos.

Why choose the Handyman services of Iris?


A national network of locally active professional handymen


Simple and transparent prices

Central contact person

A central contact person who will send your intervention request to the most appropriate technician


A project-based offer which meets the quality and safety criteria of the Iris group

Fast execution

A fast execution of the works for a temporary or definitive solution

In-depth analysis

An analysis of your specific intervention requests with an offer for repairs which do not fall under the category of small maintenance.

Bringing betterness to people’s premises