Public and education

Public and education

Cooperating with the government and educational institutions to improve the quality of life

Customers expect faster, more efficient and better services, especially in the public sector. Moreover, public sector organisations are burdened with great responsibilities to their cities and communities – while having to meet operational requirements that are increasingly subject to financial constraints.

Iris is committed to meeting society’s expectations for better performing public services and educational institutions. By focusing on operational excellence and offering technology and eco-efficient solutions, we are contributing to build a world of public service excellence.

To educational institutions, we offer an integrated package of facility services, including building management (sanitory and security), building and grounds maintenance, cleaning, and office management. With these services, we aim to support schools in creating optimal learning conditions and thus improving the learning performance and overall quality of life of the students and teaching staff. Because the first impression counts. A welcoming environment reflects on your university, college or school and improves the quality of life for your students and teachers.

  • Make a positive and lasting impact by providing safe, clean and hygienic workplaces. Our experts make your workplaces shine, applying the highest hygiene standards and offering customised disinfection programmes.
  • Rethink your traditional cleaning approaches to achieve higher environmental standards and become cost-effective. As an innovative partner, we help you implement new technologies and reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Our specialist teams are experienced in identifying potential cost savings and designing effective cleaning regimes to meet the needs of each environment, so you can make the most of your cleaning budget. You can count on us to advise you on our extensive knowledge of cleaning, top-quality products and systems.
  • Cut costs, improve air quality and reduce your carbon footprint with well-maintained and tuned HVAC installations. Our planning and monitoring tool also allows us to serve customers who need a high degree of flexibility in the execution of maintenance tasks, such as universities and municipalities.
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