Tank linings

Tank linings

Do you use storage and transport tanks to store water, crude oil and other chemicals? If so, you’ve already dealt with tank lining or tank coating, a technique for protecting both the inside and outside of tanks from corrosion, temperature changes, residue from previous loads and weather conditions.

These high-quality coatings provide the necessary protection for your storage and transport tanks, but also ensure that your loads do not come into contact with residue from previous loads or forms of rust.

The benefits of tank coating or tank lining are therefore:

  • The tank is given the necessary resistance to various weather conditions such as (acid) rain, UV radiation, intense heat and frost
  • Protection against the substances released during the storage of crude oil, vegetable oils, petroleum products, water, chemicals and biofuels
  • Greatly increasing the durability of your tanks
  • Ensuring that the tanks are sealed against various liquids that could allow corrosion, microbiological or otherwise, to take place

Types of tank coatings

Within tank lining, we distinguish different types. They can generally be divided into two groups: solvent based and solvent free. For each of these groups there are tank coatings made from different materials, namely: epoxy, epoxy phenolic, epoxy novolac and vinylester. Each of these has its own characteristics and advantages which allow them to be used for different substances.

  • Epoxy: for storage of water up to 35°C, crude up to 60°C, diesel, biodiesel, jet fuel and other chemicals
  • Epoxy phenolic: for storage of water up to 35°C, crude up to 60°C, diesel, biodiesel, jet fuel and other chemicals.
  • Epoxy Novolac: for frequently changing cargoes, crude to 120°C, water to 60°C, bioethanol, biodiesel, diesel, jet fuel, etc.
  • Vinyl ester: for resistance to highly acidic cargoes, waste water and so on.

All tank coatings have their advantages and disadvantages. So you need to know well which coating is suitable for your storage and transport tanks. Some things that play a big role in this are: your cargo, the storage temperature, the material of your tanks, how long the cargo will be stored in the tank and so on.

At Iris, we have years of expertise in applying tank linings for all kinds of cargoes. Do you wish to adequately protect your transport and storage tanks from corrosion and other damage? Then you have come to the right place at Iris Industry Solutions!

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