About us

We owe the strength of the group to the constant focus on quality and on propagating Betterness. The well-being of people is central to this. Let us build a bridge between your employees and their workplace, with committed employees, innovative solutions and high quality standards.

Introducing Iris

Workplace well-being is determined by many factors ranging from job satisfaction and employee happiness to general well-being and a better environment. It is our task to help achieve the objectives related to these different points of interest and to contribute to an efficient, productive, ecological and socially responsible business operation. By constantly searching for new solutions and keeping our finger on the pulse, we are able to create, manage and maintain an environment that makes your life easier and more productive.

Vision, mission and values

Every day, from wherever we work, we all make a difference by applying our slogan “Bringing Betterness to people’s premises”. How we do things is as important as what we do and there is always a right way to achieve a great result. It is based on our core values and is a reflection of our commitment to live out those values through the way we work.


The concept of “betterness” was described in “Betterness: Economics for Humans” by Umair Haque and is based on the idea that people play the central role in an economy that aims to create real prosperity and a better environment. People are the building blocks of a thriving economy and therefore deserve to be taken care of. This means not only making sure that customers feel welcome, but also that employees feel good in the workplace and have the tools they need to perform their jobs. After all, a happy employee is worth two. In other words, betterness radiates through employees in the workplace to customers in order to deliver the best customer experience.


Iris is also active internationally in industrial coatings and facility services. For example, Iris Industry Solutions also operates in the Netherlands, France and Luxembourg and since 2001, Iris is a founding partner, and has been part of the ECS or European Customer Synergy. ECS is a pan-European facility management services provider with more than 400 offices in 41 European countries.


Iris has a specific department called “PRINS” (Projects, Innovation & Strategy) specialized in innovation and/or project management. A specific steering committee (Innovation & Project Review) composed of members of the management and the PRINS team analyses every month the progress of strategic projects and the follow-up of innovation proposals and projects. The entire innovation process is also carried out in accordance with the fundamental values of Iris.


The Iris Group is a family business in industrial coating and facility management services founded in 1946. Since then it has grown into one of Belgium’s leading companies in facility and industrial services.

Bringing betterness to people’s premises