Landscaping maintenance

A green space or company garden is a place where your employees can relax, clear their minds or find the necessary inspiration for a particular task. The change of scenery often triggers creative ideas and has a stimulating effect on your employees. In addition, plants contribute to a healthier indoor climate and make your workplace a pleasant environment. No need to say that a beautifully designed outdoor area can give your office environment an extra boost. At Iris we therefore recommend investing in a professional Landscaping service.

Maintenance of green spaces

The Landscaping team of Iris is specialised in the seasonal maintenance of your green spaces. They are always up to date with the latest techniques in horticulture and maintain the plants of your company garden with the greatest care. Our green service can be used for one-off projects as well as for green maintenance on a regular basis.

What are the activities of our Landscaping service?

Iris Landscaping offers services to public and private companies for garden landscaping, creation and maintenance. Together with you we will draw up a tailor-made maintenance plan for a range of activities:

  • Mowing, scarifying and other maintenance for your lawn
  • Maintenance of flowerbeds and plants
  • Pruning of hedges and plants
  • Application of fertilisers and soil improvers
  • Ecological weed control
  • Clearing of leaves and green waste
  • Pruning and felling of trees
  • Indoor planting

Your green spaces are the reflection of your company and contribute to a more positive image. All the more reason to invest in a professional Landscaping service!

Choosing Iris Landscaping services


Iris Landscaping is always at the customer’s disposal to work out a maintenance plan and method for a more ecological maintenance, adapted to each site. We therefore have a dynamic and proactive policy in terms of prevention and environmental protection that is integrated into all of our Landscaping solutions.


Iris is also a member of the Belgian Federation of Green Businesses (BFG) and a signatory to the invasive plants code of conduct of AlterIAS. In addition, we are a socially responsible partner, so we have had the Certificate for Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR Performance Ladder level 3 since 2012.

Multisite maintenance

Whatever the customer’s request, we will map out the entire Landscaping process for you. Whether it’s a one-off or an ongoing assignment, our Landscaping team is there for you.

Mobile and modern solutions

Iris also uses modern technology for its Landscaping services. Our mobile solution enables us to document the location and the tasks performed. You always have a detailed overview of the performance of your Landscaping employee.


When performing our Landscaping services, we use Foamstream, a leading herbicide-free solution. This is perfectly in line with the ‘zero phyto’ concept that forbids the use of herbicides for weed control in public green spaces. Foamstream is therefore a safe, cost-effective and multifunctional solution that helps your business to make your green spaces cleaner and safer for all to enjoy.

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