At Iris we want to grow in a sustainable way, economically, socially and environmentally. In doing so we always strive for an optimal balance between our 4 Betterness pillars: Better customer, Better society, Better organization, Better people.


CSR & betterness

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an important pillar within the business operations of Iris. After all, we are constantly faced with new challenges, both environmental (business waste, energy savings, transport choices) and social (health and safety, values and standards). Therefore, we do everything possible to create a sustainable environment for everyone, with great attention to economic, social and environmental considerations.


Better people

At Iris, we attach great importance to inclusion and diversity. For example, we provide jobs for refugees, people with disabilities and so-called disadvantaged people. In addition, we take initiatives to increase the job satisfaction of our employees, and we make great efforts to guarantee their safety & health at work.


Better society

At Iris, we are aware of the impact of our activities on people and the environment of our activities. That is why we always think in terms of a sustainable future. On the one hand we do everything we can to reduce our ecological footprint, on the other hand we also pay great attention to our social role. For example, we offer opportunities to people who are far from the labor market and we work on the integration of disadvantaged populations.


Better customer

By focusing on innovation and continuous improvement, we want to offer our customers relevant services and stay ahead of the competition. This also allows us to create Betterness for our employees. For example, we are going to automate repetitive tasks, which will improve their well-being and allow them to focus on tasks with a significant benefit for our customers. To foster this culture of innovation, Iris has a team of specialists in this area.


Better organization

Striving for continuous improvement of our organization is a core value for Iris. For this purpose, a Board of Directors has been established and is continuously strengthened, and great attention is paid to our quality and safety management system, careful sustainability management and the protection of the environment. In addition, Iris is committed to the highest standards of product quality and business integrity in its dealings with suppliers.

Bringing betterness to people’s premises