Waste management

Waste management

Sustainability and reducing one’s ecological footprint have become important cornerstones for many companies in recent years. Environmentally friendly waste disposal plays an essential role in this. That is why at Iris we also provide ecological waste management. Our experts examine and assess your waste flows and develop a cost-saving recycling and disposal solution that fully meets the needs of your company.

Internal waste management

The pre-sorting of waste and recyclable materials in office buildings is essential for efficient internal waste management. At Iris we are convinced that sorting is indispensable for sustainability. We want to make sure that customers can sort everywhere, just as they do at home. Together we look at what is needed to collect your waste quickly, smartly and sustainably. A waste-free workplace and an efficient waste disposal cycle are the ultimate goal.

The introduction of waste islands instead of individual waste bins is an essential step towards achieving this goal. By taking away the individual waste bins at the desks, employees are obliged to deposit their waste in the waste islands in the designated waste bin. By sorting, the waste mountain of your company is reduced and the cost of waste collection is reduced.


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