Retail and finance

Retail and finance

An integrated approach to retail and finance facility management

Retail is one of the fastest changing sectors and is often at the forefront of technological innovation and digital transformation. There is increasing pressure to make profits, keep costs down and meet customers’ 24/7 needs. Iris understands better than anyone that the physical shop is of vital importance. Our operational efficiencies and geographic footprint allow you to cut costs in both head office and retail, improve the customer experience, safeguard your operations and increase revenues in a sustainable way. Continuity, safety, maintenance, a clean shop and committed staff are indispensable for your customers’ experience.

The banking industry also needs to deliver facility management cost-effectively, to improve customer experience while ensuring that transactions are conducted in a safe and secure environment. Physical locations remain a key strategic asset. That’s why our experts work closely with you to support your business objectives, reduce your operating costs and improve and strengthen customer relationships.

The importance of human input remains and is even increasing. Increasing automation and digitalisation mean that human contact is becoming scarce. And what is scarce, increases in value. And this is exactly one of Iris’ strengths that we would like to excel in even further.

  • Make your workplace shine – Our highly trained experts ensure that your workplace shines, also in terms of perception; you make a good impression on your customers, increase the pride of your own employees, and attract top talent.
  • Quality and compliance assured – With one point of contact and an efficient execution, follow-up is assured and mobile digital quality checks and measurements are secured via the Iris customer portal.
  • Tailor-made disinfection and cleaning solutions – As a retailer or banker, guarantee the safety of your employees and customers in an efficient and cost-conscious manner and ask for our free advice.
  • Innovative partner – As an innovative partner we have a clear view on the time spent by our employees and can anticipate unforeseen circumstances without you noticing it. A sick cleaning expert or someone who is suddenly no longer available? Iris provides a replacement within the shortest time.
  • Experienced partner in retail, finance and multi-site – Leave your facility management to a partner with 25 years of experience on our counter. This can already count.

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