Healthcare and clean rooms

Healthcare and clean rooms

Building a safe, clean and pleasant working environment in healthcare together

As your strategic partner, we ensure a pleasant, clean and safe environment for your patients, visitors and employees. Thanks to our expertise in healthcare, we guarantee optimal productivity, respect the legal framework, and create exceptional moments of experience for patients, hospital staff and visitors.

Our experts support the patient in every phase of his/her stay to ensure safe care and treatment. Our people want to help build a pleasant working environment for your healthcare staff so you can attract the best doctors, nurses and hospital staff in the industry.

Our specialized cleaning teams ensure that your laboratories also meet the highest standards: from cleaning equipment to collecting waste , our experts do it all with a smile.


 ’This year has been terribly exhausting for all of us and one of the teams that stand out in this crisis is yours! The team was professional, efficient and always working with a smile and known for their legendary friendliness.’ – Chirec

Iris reinforces your image of an efficient, healthy, safe and hospitable healthcare environment

Iris has its own hygiene nurse who will formulate advice and implement measures to improve hygienic conditions, reduce infections and thus improve the quality of your care, all in close cooperation with your own hospital hygiene department.

Work and care methods are professionally observed and problematic situations are presented to the hospital hygienist by our own hygienist. She carries out all procedures related to the various environments and trains the cleaning staff in the applicable cleaning protocols. These training courses are both theoretical and practical in nature and the staff receive regular refresher training. She also keeps abreast of innovations in materials and products and makes the necessary recommendations.

Iris facility management in healthcare

In these times of pandemic Iris offers expertise, people and technologies to create a safe and stable working environment for your company and employees.

Every day our specialist teams work to relieve you of all your worries, to enhance your image as an employer and to ensure safe, hygienic and compliant workplaces. Our experts are deeply trained and work to the strictest rules to minimise the risk of infection and comply with strict cleaning protocols.

Thanks to the use of a number of smart technologies (interactive cleaning robot, UV disinfection, real-time output management application, etc.), the very best products and highly trained people, we create workplaces where patients receive the best care and hospital staff and visitors experience well-being.

Bringing betterness to people’s premises