Culture, sports and leisure

Culture, sports and leisure

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From theme parks to stadiums and luxury hotels, our experienced teams of facility management experts ensure that every visitor has the best experience possible. Our facility management services for culture, sports and leisure include both hard and soft facility management. We understand that no two sports, leisure or entertainment venues require exactly the same services. That is why we tailor our facility management services to the specific needs of each venue, ensuring that the customer receives a focused service and the visitors have the best possible experience.

Companies are not only facing growing absenteeism and burn-outs, Corona is also suddenly appearing. They are putting strong emphasis on increasing well-being in the workplace and on the visitor experience. Find out how your company can increase general wellbeing through a combination of deep cleaning and HVAC maintenance.

Our facility services include: cleaning, grounds maintenance, security, waste management, landscaping, maintenance, and HVAC.

Iris facility management for culture, sports and leisure

  • Creating a clean and hospitable environment where your visitors can eat, exercise and relax enhances your image and makes a good impression on your visitors.
  • A well-functioning climate control and sanitary facilities in for example sports centres and hotels has a positive impact on the well-being of your visitors. Iris offers a wide range of HVAC services, from preventive HVAC maintenance to the maintenance of your sanitary facilities or plumbing.
  • There is nothing like hygienic and clean recreational areas to attract more members and customers. Iris advises you how to ensure a strict cleaning and disinfection regime in your fitness or leisure centre.
  • Local proximity and expertise: whether you have a single location or several locations, you get the same high quality service from our regional operating offices. We offer you flexibility and local expertise on a national level.

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