Business solutions

Business solutions

Iris contributes to the creation of safe, healthy and clean workplaces

Our cleaning experts play a key role in creating a positive and productive working environment for employees, visitors and customers – allowing people to focus on their core tasks in complete safety.

People need to feel assured that every place they work or visit is clean, safe and hygienic. Together with you, we tackle workplace hygiene by sharing knowledge, making cleaning visible, and accurately testing and monitoring – always adapted to the needs of your company.

Our cleaning experts take care of the well-being on the work floor and strengthen your image as an employer. In other words, you can rely on our smart technology, the best products and our skilled people.

How people feel in their workplace is what sets one company apart. If you want to attract and retain the best talent, you need to create an environment where everyone can excel. We can help you create a work environment that is unique to you – one that is engaging and inclusive.

At Iris, we use advanced technology not only to optimise the efficiency of your business, but also to create a healthy and safe environment while reducing our impact on the environment.

Innovative solutions and advanced technologies help us to provide our customers with a thorough service. Now more than ever, digital technology is crucial to improving the everyday experience. These are some of the available solutions you can take advantage of at Iris:



Iris Business solutions

  • Feel safe at work – Iris understands better than anyone how important it is to make co-workers feel safe at work during corona. We help you rearrange workstations and offer flexible solutions to better accommodate periods of more or less telework.
  • Digital tools – Thanks to our digital tools, we have a clear view of our employees’ time use and can anticipate unforeseen circumstances without you noticing. A sick cleaning expert or someone who is suddenly no longer available? Iris provides a replacement within the shortest time.
  • Quality and compliance assured – With one point of contact, in the form of a tandem between the Operations Leader and Operations Coordinator, and efficient execution is assured and mobile digital quality checks and measurements are secured via Iris’ customer portal.
  • Customized disinfection and cleaning solutions – The impact of the coronavirus on our society is unprecedented. Safety, maintenance, cleaning and care are critical processes in the fight against the virus. You can also rely on us. For more information about our activities regarding COVID-19, please visit the information page on disinfection.

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