Iris offers a wide range of security services. In order to protect your employees and your company, you do not allow just anyone access to your premises and you make sure that everything is always properly secured. Our security experts work closely with you to map out all potential security risks. We then work out a state-of-the-art technological security solution.

Intrusion protection, control room and interventions

To support you in securing yourself against burglary, we provide tailor-made theft protection solutions for office buildings, banks, industrial companies, retailers, etc. In addition to installing the most suitable alarm system, Iris also provides remote monitoring and interventions after alarms.

Does your company have several sites and would you like video, fire or access control? We will find the best security systems for you.


Whatever your needs and requirements, Iris can offer you different services in the field of guarding:

  • Static guarding (on-site security and guarding, dog guarding, event security, special assignments, etc.)
  • Video monitoring
  • Consortium surveillance
  • Personal alarms
  • VIP surveillance

Access control

Access control secures your office building during office hours. This system regulates people’s movements according to your wishes, without human intervention. It identifies each person in the building, controls and remembers all movements and warns of abnormal situations.

Identification can be with a simple card or badge, combined with a code or not. High-risk buildings and companies use biometric solutions such as iris scanners, fingerprint readers or palm readers.



Would you like to have your company guarded at night by professional security agents? Then you can also come to us.

Iris provides preventive control rounds, namely patrol rounds, opening and/or closing rounds, fire prevention rounds, burglary prevention rounds, and so on. The security agents are present on site and are ready to intervene as soon as a problem arises.


Fire detection

Fire danger is something that most people do not always think about when it comes to safety. Nevertheless, every year in Belgium there are about 10,000 cases of fire in buildings. A fire detection system is the ideal solution for fire detection in your office building. Iris offers fire detection systems according to the applicable quality standards and uses certified materials for this.

For high risk companies we provide additional expertise. Certified experts support the preliminary study and design, supervise and control the implementation and are responsible for maintenance.


Diplomatic security services

Embassies, consulates, international institutions and their staff are required to pay increasing attention to surveillance and security. This requires a very specific approach in which Iris has experience. Iris strives for the highest level of security and works according to your wishes and expectations.

Each of the Diplomatic Security Officers completes each task in complete confidentiality and is in excellent physical condition. Iris also offers VIP- drivers and high security vehicles. Furthermore, the Diplomatic Security Officers are trained for Close Protection.

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