Pest control

Pest control

Iris also offers pest control within the Office Management service. Depending on the environment, the surroundings and the degree of infestation, we propose an appropriate solution with a guaranteed result. Moreover, we always use certified and ecologically degradable products to combat parasites and various types of pests. This way, we reduce not only our, but also your ecological footprint.

Iris helps not only in fighting pests, but especially in the prevention of pests and vermin within companies. To this end, we not only use innovative techniques, such as radar detection, which can remotely detect if an infestation is taking place, but we also train our employees thoroughly in their field.

The risk of pests within your company and the damage they can cause always depends on the activities of your organisation and your immediate surroundings. It is important that you seek advice from an expert in pest control and prevention for the development of a tailor-made pest plan. After all, there are 217 types of pest and each requires a specific approach to control and prevention. The most common pests within companies are:

  • Rodents
  • Pigeons
  • Crawling insects
  • Flying insect
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How do we proceed? First, a pest expert will visit your premises for a thorough inspection and will assess any risks and existing problems within your company or business site. Then, a pest plan is drawn up describing the various steps of pest control.

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