Beverage and snack vending machines

Beverage and snack vending machines

When your employees spend their day in the office, it’s nice if they can refuel with a drink or a snack. In addition, your employees and customers nowadays expect you to be able to offer them more than just a coffee or water. That’s why Iris offers a wide range of beverage and snack dispensers.

Hot drinks

Many people like their cup of coffee during the working day. Employees today want a real coffee experience in the office and a coffee machine that gives them the choice between different types.

To meet this need, Iris provides professional vending machines for hot drinks. We help you to choose the machine and the coffee, but we also take care of the maintenance and the replenishment. In this way we also keep the stock up to date and ensure that the machine continues to work perfectly. In the event of a defect or malfunction, we contact our suppliers directly. Our suppliers for the hot beverage dispensers are Chaqwa, the innovative hot beverage brand of The CocaCola Company, and Mastervending, the unique partner of Jacobs Douwe Egberts Professional for full service hot beverage dispensers.


Cold drinks

It is also possible to engage Iris for the provision of soft drink vending machines and water fountains. This way your customers and employees can enjoy refreshment during their well-deserved break throughout the day.

For our soft drink vending machines, we work together with The Coca-Cola Company and Mastervending. You can choose between different payment options and services.

Water is the ultimate thirst-quencher and the healthiest drink option for your staff and visitors. A drinking water fountain is therefore a nice addition to your company. It provides a constant supply of fresh, crisp water with a choice between still and sparkling water. The fountain is equipped with a filter that purifies the water to an impeccable quality.

Iris also cooperates with Dopper, so that you can offer your employees a Dopper drinking bottle to stimulate sustainability. So here too you reduce your ecological footprint and contribute to a sustainable environment.

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