Green is essential: 7 benefits of plants in the office

27 July 2022

Plants in the office, a good idea? There’s no reason to doubt it. Because plants are not only decorative, they also have many other benefits. They help fight absenteeism, improve air quality, reduce stress, and increase productivity. And that’s not all: discover the top 7 benefits of plants in the office.

Plants improve air quality

You probably remember the lesson on photosynthesis in biology. Plants extract CO² from the air and release oxygen. This is good news, especially in office buildings where often no windows can be opened, so fresh air cannot enter. But that’s not all: plants also increase humidity (better for your skin and mucous membranes) and neutralize harmful particles from equipment emissions. Think of computers, printers, or copy machines.

Plants help fight noise

Have you ever noticed that in a park, you hear more ambient noise in winter than in summer? That’s because the foliage forms a natural sound barrier. But plants also have an effect in the office: they absorb and reflect background noise. This is especially true in rooms with many hard surfaces like marble or concrete. Tip: For best results, place your plants in a corner or against a wall!

Plants reduce stress

Various studies show that the presence of plants and flowers has an anti-stress and calming effect. On the one hand, plants evoke a family atmosphere, and on the other, green has a calming effect on us: as human beings, we like to be in a natural environment. Just as a quick walk in the woods relaxes you, so do plants in the office environment.

Plants reduce sick leave

Less CO² and fine dust in the air, less stress, less annoying noise… no wonder offices with plants have fewer sick days! In any case, the figures do not lie. According to a study by Wageningen University, sick leave decreased from 36% to 16% with plants in the office, an average of 1.6 fewer sick days per employee per year.

Plants boost productivity

More oxygen in the air – and thus in the brain – means better concentration. And this is also measurable: an often-quoted study shows that employee productivity increases by up to 12% when plants are present in the environment. Further studies have also confirmed this. In addition, plants are said to stimulate creativity. Everyone wins!

Plants increase general weel-being

A workplace with good air quality and pleasant furniture? Not surprisingly, the presence of plants also improves the general well-being of your employees. A study by bregroup shows a 15% increase in the general feeling of well-being when plants are present in the office. And don’t forget that plants can also foster a sense of community among your employees if they are responsible for their care. Taking care of plants together creates a bond!

Plants improve your corporate image

Receiving your clients in a bare, cold office? Then you are not likely to leave a good impression. Just like other interior elements such as artworks or cozy sitting areas, you can create an additional atmosphere with plants in your interior. Positive for your employees and for your visitors. In addition, choosing specific plants can emphasize your brand identity. More creative? In that case, tropical plants such as Strelitzia, Areca or Monstera might be perfect for the workplace. Prefer something more professional? Then grasses or a moss wall are an option.

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