5 reasons why green in the office is good for your image

19 May 2022

Did you know that plants in and around your office make your employees happier, more productive, and more creative? Several studies have shown that. But plants are not only good for your employees, they also boost your image. We give you 5 reasons why.

A good first impression

Do you receive visitors at home? Then you probably create a pleasant atmosphere with a warm greeting, a tidy interior and possibly a fresh bunch of flowers. The same applies to an office environment: the first impression counts and that often begins in the parking lot of your premises. Is it laid out nicely and with care? Then you immediately score points with everyone who arrives. Is the office itself nicely decorated with plants and greenery? Then you immediately show that you care for your workplace – and thus also for your customers and employees, right?

An added value for your offices

Are you investing in a carefully maintained and green business environment? If so, this will also provide you with a nice economic return. An attractive environment increases the value of your property. It becomes even more interesting with a green roof (FR/NL) – because it insulates against noise, increases fire safety, and makes your roof last longer. This in turn saves you money in the long run. And who knows, maybe your municipality provides subsidies?

An extension of your brand

Trendy, modern, classic, rustic, … today’s interior styles are as diverse as the selection at your favorite bakery. The same goes for greenery in and around your office. By opting for a specific style, you strengthen the appearance and image of your brand. Is your brand identity more business-like? Then you might opt for clean lines, grassy areas, mossy walls, and geometric terrace tiles. Are you in a creative sector? Then perhaps hanging plants in the meeting rooms and a jungle garden with water features are among the possibilities. One thing is certain: you can do anything with green.

A crowning glory to your employer branding

Not only do your customers and employees come to your place, but so do job applicants. Do they find the workplace unpleasant? There is a good chance that they would rather use their talent elsewhere: research has shown that up to 81% of employees would rather turn back in that case. With greenery in and around your office you show them that you put their well-being first. After all, plants contribute to a better air quality and have a stress-relieving and stimulating effect (FR/NL). In addition, they also ensure less absence due to illness: good for your planning and as an argument for convincing talent.

A sustainable appearance

Greening your business park in an ecologically responsible way contributes to biodiversity (for example, through the natural pollination of plants), reduces heat stress and can be a solution for water problems. Moreover, today more than ever, a green image is a good image. If you opt for environmentally friendly maintenance, you can even reduce your ecological footprint (FR/NL).

Wondering how a greener office can improve your corporate image? Iris helps you from design to maintenance (FR/NL)! Please feel free to contact us for free advice.