The importance of a good air conditioning system in your company

01 June 2022

Temperature, oxygen level, ventilation and humidity are all important for a healthy and productive workplace. Unfortunately, not all companies are equipped with the proper HVAC facilities to maintain these parameters. However, inadequate air conditioning can have negative consequences for your organization. We do not have to look far to prove the importance of good air conditioning system; the current pandemic is a clear example. Indeed, good ventilation seems to be an essential condition for being able to return safely to the workplace.

Of course, there are other reasons why a good air conditioning system is essential to the smooth running of your business. In this article, we explain the most important ones.

Good for health

An optimal indoor climate is not only pleasant to work in; it also has a positive impact on your health. Think, for example, of the importance of clean air or optimal air humidity. When your company has to deal with too much condensation and insufficient ventilation, this can lead to an increase of the humidity in the air. This is not only bad for your infrastructure (moisture stains, peeling paint or wallpaper), but can also have a negative impact on your employees’ health. They may develop respiratory problems or present allergic reactions.

In addition, insufficient ventilation can facilitate the circulation of viruses and bacteria and make your employees sick. Good ventilation and air conditioning can ensure that the air is filtered and therefore dust, pollen and mold are eliminated. This will prevent eye, throat and respiratory tract irritation and will reduce employee absences due to illness.

A good HVAC system (FR or NL) can reduce many workplace health problems, provided the correct settings are in place. For example, cold air from the air conditioning that comes directly into your face can also cause unpleasant health problems, as well as too big temperature difference between inside and outside the office. It is therefore essential, if you have HVAC systems, that they are always properly configured.

Boost of productivity

The logical consequence of a pleasant and healthy work environment is an increase in productivity, thanks to the reduction of absences due to illness. Indeed, if your company’s climate is not optimal, employees will get sick and quit more quickly. This has a negative impact on your company’s operations and your overall productivity.

Your employees will be more motivated to work if the work environment is pleasant and if they feel good about themselves. For example, in a company where the indoor temperature is too cold, employees will tend to do things that warm them up, like walking or rubbing their hands. This is not a problem in itself, but these natural reflexes prevent them from working and therefore also reduce productivity. Too high temperatures are also detrimental to the smooth running of the business; as they reduce the ability to concentrate and it can often make your employees feel drowsy. Good air conditioning is therefore of great importance for motivated and productive employees.

Cost savings

Good air conditioning system can also have a positive effect on your costs (FR or NL). Reducing absenteeism due to illness keeps your productivity high and your revenue intact. Moreover, you do not have to look for additional workers to cover temporary absences due to illness.

In addition, ideal humidity reduces your energy bill because you no longer need to provide additional ventilation to reduce condensation. In addition, many HVAC systems on the market today focus on energy savings and more environmentally friendly operation. This not only reduces your energy bill, but also your carbon footprint, which is important in a time when sustainability and a better environment are essential.

Do you want to learn more about how HVAC can increase the productivity and well-being of your work environment? Or are you looking for an experienced partner in the installation and maintenance of HVAC systems? Then get in touch with us! Together with you, we will examine the possibilities for your organization.