The importance of a good workplace experience

10 May 2022

Focusing on your employees? More and more organizations are convinced that this is the way to go. More than that: they realize that their employees play the main role in the success story of their company. After all, an employee who feels at home within your organization and receives all the necessary support to work in a pleasant and safe manner is more motivated and productive. In addition, with the war for talent in mind, you’d better make sure of that.

But how exactly do you create such a pleasant working environment? And how important is this so-called workplace experience? We explain it here!

Workplace experience: what is it?

Creating workplace experience or the experience of a work environment is a proactive approach to office design, technology and culture that puts the employee at the center. It is a constantly evolving ecosystem made up of everything that has an impact on the way employees work.

The optimal workplace experience consists of three components:

  • The workspace: Meaning, the physical environment where employees perform their duties.
  • The technology: All systems and tools that employees use for their jobs.
  • The people: Relationships, politics and internal culture are norms that influence how work is done in your company.

Why is it important?

A good workplace experience has a direct impact on how your employees feel in the office, both physically and mentally. When facility management focuses strongly on a good workplace experience, your employees feel supported and appreciated. This gives their motivation and enthusiasm a significant boost, but it also makes them more productive.

A satisfied and happy employee will not easily change jobs or companies; therefore, your talent will simply stay with your organization. In fact, new talents will be all too happy to start working within your company if they know they are appreciated and cared for.

An optimal experience of your work environment thus ensures:

  • Increased productivity
  • Retain your current talent
  • Decrease in sick leave
  • Attract new talent
  • Positive corporate image

Challenges for your facility management

Facility management was mostly used to do chores, cleaning and reception. Today, it can make a huge contribution to optimizing your work environment:

The creation in a healthy work space

Absenteeism due to illness is an old problem within many companies. The causes are numerous: stress due to excessive work pressure, an unhealthy and unsafe workplace, and so on. This last point was brought into extra focus by the arrival of COVID-19.

Employees need a pleasant, healthy and safe environment to perform their daily tasks efficiently and to be able to achieve the best possible performance. Facility management can help them in many ways. Consider, for example:

  • Installation and maintenance of HVAC systems for a healthy work environment
  • Providing the right lighting systems
  • Regular and thorough cleaning of work spaces and sanitary facilities
  • Providing all kinds of relaxation areas with green zones or coffee corners to take a breather. After all, mental health is just as important as the physical well-being of your staff

Facilities for a hybrid work environment

The corona pandemic caused a worldwide change in the way we work. Mandatory home working is now behind us, yet companies are not immediately reverting to full-time office work. A more hybrid working environment has emerged in which working from home is perfectly combined with a few days at the office for meetings and consultations with colleagues or to provide the necessary variety.

This change naturally also has an impact on facility services. After all, enough space needs to be provided for people to work together in a pleasant way. This can range from more meeting rooms to the creation of small corners within your office where employees can confer with one another in a concentrated manner.

In addition, it also has an impact on the way and frequency of cleaning. After all, meeting rooms must be available and ready for use at the right times.


Technological innovation for customized services

To plan and provide everything as efficiently as possible, more and more facility managers are using innovative technologies. Consider, for example, sensor technology that can monitor the presence of staff so that both energy consumption and cleaning services are adjusted accordingly.

Several organizations, meanwhile, also use booking systems to reserve meeting rooms. This way the cleaning service knows at what times it can clean and air these rooms.

Facilities services today also work closely with other services such as IT to ensure that employees have all the necessary resources at their disposal to do their jobs.

Commitment to sustainability pays off

Finally, a no less important pillar: sustainability. Global warming is a concern for many people, also in the business world. Employees therefore consider it important that their company is committed to working ecologically. The right approach to waste management and energy consumption, but also the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products can already be a step in the right direction for a better workplace experience.

Want to know more about how Iris facility services can optimize the workplace experience in your company? Then get in touch with us! Together we will look at the various possibilities for your organization and provide the best working environment for your employees.