Green is essential: 7 benefits of plants in the office

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CO² meters and ventilation: important weapons in the fight against corona

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The importance of a good air conditioning system in your company

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5 reasons why green in the office is good for your image

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Air conditioning in your business with HVAC

In the office, there are all kinds of systems that automatically control the temperature, air circulation and ventilation. These HVAC installations are thus responsible for a pleasant and healthy working environment. An important task, because poor climate control can mean higher absenteeism and reduced productivity for your organization. The proper functioning of your HVAC installations is therefore essential (NL/FR). Discover here how you can optimize the climate of your company with these devices.

Market leader in industrial coatings seeks talent

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What will the workplace of the future look like?

In recent years, global digitization has completely revolutionized our working environment, and COVID-19 has added to this – in many cases, we have even been forced to work from home. But employers and employees also have new demands: companies are increasingly prioritizing the well-being of their employees; employees also have their own demands. Sustainability and a better work-life balance are good examples.

Professional corrosion prevention for your industrial metal structures

Corrosion has a negative impact on your industrial installations, which can pose a danger not only to your employees, but also to your business operations. Corrosion prevention is therefore always recommended.